Women holding her abdomen

Mind the Gap

How do I check for a diastasis (DR/ DRAM/Abdominal separation) A question I commonly get asked is how to I check for a diastasis and when can I return to sport. It is always worth checking if you have a diastasis having had a baby, before you start exercising, as then you have a good …

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A women stretching at her desk

And stretch…

There are many ways to skin a cat. People often think that stiff neck and shoulders need a good stretch. But actually that is often not the case. Prolonged poor posture at a desk or whilst feeding or carrying a baby leads to the muscles becoming lengthened and therefore weak so often you need three …

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Life balance

Finding Balance

Finding balance in life is often challenging but understanding the fundamentals of its role may help you achieve it. The traditional image of balance is scales perfectly poised. Static and level. However, this is often not the reality of true balance in life.  If you stand on one leg your body is constantly working to maintain an upright position. Tiny corrections in …

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