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"All of the Pilates sessions have elements of mobility, flexibility and strengthening"

Having trained with the APPI there is focus on rehabilitation in the Pilates sessions. Each move is broken down into five or six levels enabling us to work through movements and build up difficulty safely and in a progressive manner.

If you imagine your pelvis and rib cage are two rings stacked on top of each other, the aim is to keep these rings still and stacked whatever position you are in as you limb move around them. We start with closed chain movements (with the feet on the floor) and the progress by taking the feet off the floor, lengthening the lever and then getting more multidirectional movements perhaps requiring some coordination.

Breath is a huge part of the technique too and becomes especially important as you move up into the higher levels. 80% of us don’t breathe properly and during our sessions there will be a strong focus on correcting breathing patterns, working the diaphragm through range and connecting the breath to the movement to support you. This in turn helps us calm and connect with our bodies and therefore can help with relaxation too.

All of the Pilates sessions have elements of mobility, flexibility and strengthening. The aim is to work towards always coming back to the perfect posture, thus retraining our bodies awareness of where it is (proprioception) and helping encourage this to feed into our daily lives.

A one to one is essential before joining all classes. This is to do a thorough assessment of your abilities and understand what you may need as adaptations for within the class if you are rehabilitating from an injury. It is also to go through the postures required and understand cues that I will be using to help you hit the ground running so to say. This is at a reduced rate of £40 as feeding into a class.

What you need for classes

Classes are all currently via Zoom. They are small classes to allow for more personalised approach and to ensure I can keep an eye on you all. The classes are recorded and sent out to you after the session meaning you can have bank of classes which you can do in your own time.

1:1’s are possible face to face. Please see our COVID policy for more information.

What you will need for the class:

  • mat
  • a head cushion or hand towel folded up
  • water

Extra equipment (not necessary but great if you have as allows for diversity)

  • TheraBand
  • weights (2 x tin cans or 1kg dumbbells)
  • swiss ball
  • soft ball
  • magic circle
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