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I’m lucky to be involved with the amazing Tinto – the app that gives pregnant and new mums advice they can really trust. I’m part of the wonderfully wide-ranging team of Tinto experts, which means I spend my spare time answering mums’ queries and helping them strengthen their bodies both during and after pregnancy.
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Tinto is all about cutting out some of the unsolicited and contradictory advice that’s thrown at pregnant and new mums. Instead, Tinto gives you fast, reliable answers from mums with a similar style and experts specialising in sleep, feeding, pelvic health, nutrition and so much more. Scrap the one-size-fits-all advice – this is about personalised one-to-one chats, whenever you need them.

Reach out

Motherhood is personal. Paint a picture of your experience and we’ll match you to experts and mums who understand.


Dig deep into your behaviours, personality traits and parenting style for insights and self-development opportunities.


Bond with mums on your wavelength, share stories and learn from each other. You don’t have to do this alone.

Tinto Talks

I also host the Tinto Talks podcast where mums and experts reveal what you really need to know about motherhood. Tinto Talks offers evidence-based, information from a wide range of perspectives, so you can find something that’s relevant to you no matter what your experience of birth and motherhood is.

In our mum episodes, I talk to women about the highs and lows of motherhood with a particular focus on birth. We cover the huge variety of birth stories as well as the hopes, worries and realities of the perinatal period. In our expert episodes, I discuss different aspects of maternal health with top specialists, including anaesthetists, physiotherapists, midwives and nutritionists.

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