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It’s funny when you look back at what you have done with your life and see how you ended up where you are.

Recently I went on a work weekend at 42 acres retreat. A sort of get to know you think that ended up being a super spiritual and healing weekend about sisterhood, retracing one’s steps and a realisation of what is needed to move forwards both professionally and personally.

How often do we look back over what it is we have done and appreciate how it has shaped us? Obviously, we train in the things that we are interested in but it is the experiences that really shape the people we are.

One of the clearest things that came out of the weekend was that each one of us had been through some sort of personal trauma or illness. And we had sought out alternative, complementary, or holistic approaches to managing them and that had played an integral part in guiding our careers but professionally and empathetically.

I suppose my first experience of individually tailored health care began with attending an Ayurvedic health clinic in Sri Lanka at the age of 24 for treatment of my alopecia.

Having tried many other barbaric conventional medicines such as topical acid application or 300 localised steroid injections in one go; the gentle approach of nutrition, acupuncture, movement and calming the mind was welcome. And it worked, my hair started to grow back after a month there. Well… I say it worked but being 24, that lifestyle wasn’t for me, and I didn’t care enough about having hair to make such drastic changes to my life and so I went back to how I usually lived my life- fast paced, indulgent and carefree… and thus remained hair free.

I suppose the message I am trying to get across is the now older, and somewhat wiser, woman in me now sees the importance of the multifaceted approach. There is no silver bullet or one size fits all.

Understanding how all the systems affect one and other be that physical, emotional, hormonal will help guide me picking the right approach to rehabilitation for you whether you have just had a baby, entering the so called third age or embarking on your cancer journey.

The benefit of this is I can offer a variety of treatment options outside if the usual physio toolbox of acupuncture, scar work and manual therapy such as good listening ear (only one as I am deaf in the other🤣) to support your exercise program.  And I also have a trusted network of people I can refer you on to, to ensure your every health need is covered.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy for all ranges of injuries, pre and postoperative rehab and perinatal support.
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