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"Rebuilding strength from the foundations up"

Following the birth of your baby the support and advice seems to drop away. Coming to terms with the changes that have occurred to your body postnatally can be difficult. Once postnatal always postnatal- those dreaded words.

You may find you still have pelvic girdle pain or are worried about having a diastasis. You might just want some guidance about how to return to sport safely.

What to expect:
Understanding regarding recovery times and changes that have occurred is key to avoiding overloading the body too soon. Following a full postural review, assessment for diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence I can then help you rebuild strength from the foundations up. We can also work towards safely retuning to running or whatever activity it is you wish.
Physiotherapist with patient
"I began attending Ocee's pilates classes at 4 months postpartum. My pelvic floor was feeling weak. It was exactly what i needed to gently and gradually build my pelvic floor and core strength. Now, at 11 months postpartum, I'm so grateful for the foundation Ocee's classes have given me. My pelvic floor feels strong - sneezes don't scare me! and I've been able to progress safely to other forms of intense exercise. Her classes were fun, tailored and she really knows her stuff - I liked that she explained the impact of the exercises we were doing. and she took things slow for the beginners and moderated accordingly for the more experienced and stronger in the class."
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