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Postnatal Pilates

Postnatal Pilates Classes Alresford

"Building your strength back with baby friendly classes"

Following the birth of your baby and being signed off by your GP, or three months post c-section, you can join one of our baby friendly classes and begin gently starting to build some strength.

These classes are specifically aimed at encouraging the pelvic floor and transverse abdominals to start to get back in sync and build your strength from the foundations. We also work through some lovely stretches to help relieve common tight areas such as upper back all whilst your baby plays on the floor next to you.

Once again, an open dialogue is encouraged to discuss your experience, joys and challenges of your pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

All new clients are required to have an introductory physiotherapy and Pilates session. You will be assessed prior to joining the class to assess for a diastasis and checked for signs and symptoms of prolapse or incontinence.

This session is well worth it to ensure you can safely join the class. 1:1’s are available for those needing a little more support in the early days or with marked diastasis or continued pelvic girdle pain postpartum.

"Whilst we were lucky to start the class in person, we shortly had to switch online - hats off to Octavia for embracing this with such ease and enthusiasm. I thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility and convenience of being able to login from home, see other friendly Mummy faces and have Octavia watch and really attentively guide and feedback on each and every one of our moves. Octavia's knowledge and explanations were so helpful and all exercises were carefully explained and perfectly pitched to strengthen our postnatal bodies. I really noticed my strength and stamina improve as the weeks went by and will remember the classes with fondness. Thanks so much again Octavia xx"
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Discuss your experience, challenges and joys of your pregnancy, birth and motherhood

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