COVID Policy

Physiotherapy is able to continue in the current guidelines. Virtual sessions are encouraged for the initial assessment and triage. If deemed appropriate, a face to face can be arranged.

Considering the seven key factors below will help you decide the best way to deliver your service.

There are 7 key factors that will be considered before booking a face to face appointment.

  • Legal, regulatory and professional responsibilities
  • Risk assessment of the working environment
  • Infection prevention and control measures
  • Personal protective equipment
  • ‘Virtual first’ approach
  • Patient risk assessment and clinical reasoning
  • Patient consent for treatment

Once a face-to-face appointment is booked:

You will be required to fill-in in a COVID declaration form prior to each session

  • Please wear a face mask and wash your hands on arrival
  • Social distancing will be maintained throughout the assessment
  • For close assessment and treatment PPE will be worn
  • If you feel unwell, please cancel your session. (Cancelation policies still apply but consideration will be taken for COVID reasons)

Cancellation policy

Cancellation with in 24 hours of the session will be charged at full rate.

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