Privacy Policy

Octavia Hamilton will never share your email or other details with anyone.  Her aim is to uphold privacy and security.  

Data will be collected for both physio and Pilates sessions so she is aware of any health issues that could affect your treatment or ability in class.  It enables her to keep you safe. It is also needed to validate her insurance.

All health forms and appointment/class registers are stored electronically on a cloud based system using Squarespace web hosts, Wufoo forms and Acuity scheduling.  Notes and personal information may be stored on Octavia phone and/or computer and some paper work which is stored in a locked filing cabinet.  Both her phone and her computer are password protected.

For more information on security of these platforms please see: (Squarespace owns Acuity, the booking system)

I ask you for consent to be contacted by me via by personal email, text, phone, Facebook chat or whatsapp in order that we may communicate messages about appointments, classes or offers.  Please inform me if you would prefer me not to.

I ask you for consent to be added to my Mailchimp email list. This may be used to send you newsletters and offers but it is not passed to any third parties. 

You have the right to opt out of any communications at any time and you will be removed you from the system.

If you decide to stop classes/sessions with Liz she will keep you on her mailing list and keep your details in case you decide to return to us. Your information is retained for 8 years in line with current physiotherapy practice and 25 years if you have physiotherapy whilst pregnant. 

My website uses some necessary cookies because they allow visitors to navigate and use key features on the site.  It also uses some analytics and performance cookies to collect information about how visitors interact  with the site.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy please contact Octavia at [email protected]

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