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In my spare time, I’m lucky to be involved with the wonderful Tinto – the app that gives you trustworthy mum advice, whenever you need it. I host the Tinto Talks podcast, where I discuss the highs and lows of motherhood with women and deep-dive on the specialist topics with experts. On top of this, as one of the Tinto experts, I answer Tinto mums’ questions and help them strengthen their bodies during pregnancy and after birth.

Want to know more about the Tinto app?

It’s all about cutting out some of the unsolicited and contradictory mum advice that’s thrown at new mums with fast, reliable answers from mums and experts. Tinto is there for those 3am questions that just can’t wait. Scrap the one-size-fits-all advice – this is about personalised one-to-one chats at your fingertips.


If our Tinto community sounds a bit of you, you can download the app for free today.

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